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duurzaam TOC BEADZ Metallic Blue Star 5mm Slide-On & Bead bJon71KQ

  • Model: bJon71KQ
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TOC BEADZ Metallic Blue Star 5mm Slide-On and Slide-Off Bead. This slide on and off bead is the perfect thing as an addition to your bead bracelet if you want to be part of the crowd thats wearing the 'in-thing'. This is just one of the many designs in our range - search them all out and design your very own beautiful bead bracelet at a fraction of the RRP price. 4.5mm hole so fits most bracelets but DO check other bracelet brands before ordering. The beads are small and intricate which makes it hard to capture the true colour and design in the picture.........but each piece is a beauty in itself and the colours are rich and wonderful when you have it in front of you